Ab Blaster

Lady’s, I know just how hard it is for us to get our abs toned and in shape. I have designed this program to get you the results that you want in one easy to use 4 week program. When purchasing just click on the home or gym option to get the narrated easy to follow video series. Happy crunching girls! Lol.

Booty Builder

OMG! No one knows better than me how difficult it is to get that tight tushy that we all want and the one that your man wants. I have designed this easy to follow 4 week series with this in mind. Each program has easy to follow narrated videos. When you make the purchase just choose the option that you want, home or gym. Ladies if you don’t squeeze your gluteus no one else will.

 Sexy Legs

As woman I know just how important it is for our legs to look good. I want to help you get the look you want. This program comes in a 4 week home or gym version. Each program comes with 4 daily narrated exercise videos with easy to follow instructions. Just choose the version that you want and together we will get you the Sexy Legs that you desire.

HIIT Program

This is my favorite program. Why? Because it’s freaking hard. HIIT is designed to challenge you. It’s almost impossible to get the total package that you want without proper nutrition(choose my vegan or regular meal plan) and High Intensity Interval Training. This program can be done at home, gym, beach, or anywhere that you are. Follow along with my narrated videos and let’s do this!!!!!

Meal Plans

When purchasing this four week meal plan you can choose either vegan or regular. Remember that a meal plan is just one part of an entire package(nutrition and exercise) that one needs to get the results that one wants. Each comes with very easy to follow meals and veggies protein, veggies, and fruits can be easy substituted. Choose the one you want and make it part of your lifestyle. I am sure will see the results that you want.