SuzAnne Llano

Hello, my name is SuzAnne Llano a Fitness enthusiast certified in six components of fitness, Personal Fitness, Sport and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Group Fitness and Strength and Conditioning. Along with a bachelor’s degree specializing in Physical Education. I’m a Natural Pro Athlete in Figure and a Master’s Bikini winner as well. I’ve competed in more than 25 bodybuilding shows over the past 8 years. I’m versed in all categories of fitness, nutrition, competition and posing. I’ve designed a program to reach your goals whether you go to a local gym or exercise in the privacy of your home.

Please make sure you have your doctor’s permission to start an exercise program and that all the exercises on this website are done at your own risk. In the video library, I have numerous exercises to challenge you. I mention to use a reasonable amount of weight when you are at the gym on machines or using free weights. This means DO NOT SACRIFICE FORM, keep the weight at a level so you may maintain proper posture and technique. Remember to go at your own pace and progress individually. Be sure to take photos in a sport bra and shorts the night before you start, and every four weeks take the same picture getting front, side and back views. Nutrition is the key and life style changes are the ONLY way to be successful at losing fat and gaining muscle, so be sure to look at my meal plans and get ready to prep your meals.

Congratulations on investing in you, your health and happiness.